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Welcome to Whitby

Branding the small town with a big heart, and helping them to reward our NHS heroes.
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When the global pandemic hit the human race, the impact it had on lives and business touched everyone on the planet. The tireless, and I’m sure, traumatic, essential work of the frontline medical teams across the world, and in the case of the UK the NHS, has been a testament to how amazing the human race can be in the face of extreme adversity. 

Businessman and hotelier Andy Brown and his wife Polly felt that their hospitality community in the beautiful seaside town of Whitby could pull together and offer some kind of token of thanks. Hospitality across the world has taken a massive blow, and in spite of their own hardships, the good people of the town were prepared to open their doors for free in a scheme to allow a number of frontline workers to have a bit of a well deserved break.

When this came on the Rushfirth radar - we stepped in to support the Whitby community and to also give thanks to the NHS ourselves.

Since the ‘Thank you NHS’ initiative, we have supported with their upcoming Whitby Winter Festival which we hope will be a massive boost for the economy on the Yorkshire coast.
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