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Creating an all new IT challenger brand.
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IT specialist and business owner Jason McGlone already had a successful hightstreet repair drop-in store that he was clearly passionate about when he first contacted Rushfirth Creative. As thriving as the operation was in its own right, Jason was seeking a way to enhance his existing business with a more scalable aspect. His plan was to use his IT expertise to service a broader range of B2B / corporate clients, ideally on a more remote basis. With a brief to use his existing IT repair shop brand to accomplish his new goal, we had serious reservations about that route, and rather than just ‘taking the money’ and blindly obliging, we gave Jason various pieces of advice on rebranding and suggested he took some time out to really get to the bottom of his business model and come back to us when he had more clarity.

A few short months later we reconvened and the difference was like night and day, and we were able to absolutely nail his brand identity, enable him to truly build and scale the B2C / remote side of his business with huge success.
Company Brand Identity
Product Brand Identity
Advertising Campaign
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Marketing Collateral
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