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Everyone in business has a personal brand. Yes, it’s true. Embrace it. Resist it. Deny it. Makes no difference. Everyone in business… has a personal brand. It just depends on whether they choose to take the responsibility to manage it for themselves, or just leave things to chance and let the perception of others control it for them without their say and influence.

The term ‘personal branding’ can be defined and manifest in several ways, and can be expressed through clothing, style, colours, social media commentary, the way we speak … even our attitude!
If you are a business person and you want to develop your own personal brand, it is a process of presenting the authentic, genuine aspects of yourself in a way that your audience can connect with. It is not about wearing a ‘mask’, or being phoney, it’s just a case of you representing yourself at your best on a commercial level.

We might currently present ourselves visually in a way that is not serving us. Having a serious think about your wardrobe might be a good first step. Are the colours that you habitually wear really working for you? There are many reputable colour and clothing experts who can help you find the best look for you, that will make you engaging and irresistible to the people that want to hire you or use your services

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