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Rushfirth Creative has built up a reputation for well-planned, relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable photography sessions for their personal branding clients - even for those who say they ‘don’t do photographs’ - resulting in excellent photography which is incorporated into social media header images that set the client apart from their competition. 

It would seem that everyone expects to really hate having their photograph taken.
However, a Rushfirth Creative shoot is designed to be a relaxed - even fun - experience. To-date everyone who has attended one of our sessions has been surprised at just how much they have enjoyed the occasion. In fact the challenge has been in getting some of them to leave!

Is it outside the average person’s comfort zone? Oh yes ... at the beginning. 

But we take A LOT of photographs! The beauty of having a full half hour of photography time is that people have time to get comfortable and relax - and that’s where the best images lie. 

Many people have arrived as clients and left as friends ... And that’s the experience we are always aim for... 
So far so good!
The Rushfirth Creative personal branding asset pack includes retouched headshot, retouched full body / 3/4 image or seated images, and social media banner images for Facebook personal, Facebook business, LinkedIn,YouTube andTwitter.
It also includes access to all additional photographs to be retouched  as required (additional charge applies) for use on websites and social media.
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