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PAT Testing Nottingham

Bucking the trend for a generally male dominated, technical industry.
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With her sights firmly set on growth and expansion, PAT Testing Nottingham CEO Rachel Gilbert knew that she needed an approach as different and as unex- pected as her own is to her business. Dislodging her company PAT Testing Nottingham from the industry’s pre-designated pigeonhole is something we are proud to have helped her accomplish. Her branding has not only made her organisation stand out from its competition by a country mile, but more importantly it has redefined what it is to be a female-led business working in a technical service sector.

“Our daily commitment and dedication in keeping our customers safe is the driving force behind PAT Testing Nottingham. With our friendly, reliable service we pride ourselves in our traditional values of delivering impeccable customer care to the fine people of Nottingham,” says Rachel.

“And it’s fair to say, we’re a bit different. Possibly a lot different. We want our target market to know that on every step of the customer journey, from first no- ticing our eye-catching van parked up on the side of the street, to booking us to help make their place of work safe from electrical hazards. But being different for us is not about being different for the sake of being different. Being ‘disruptive’ is not about standing out by shocking people with some type of stunt. It’s about having your own authentic, unique approach that might, in its own small way, redefine the industry expectations of what it is to operate in that particular sector.” Operating in a male dominated industry, Rachel is certainly bucking the trend. She wanted to move away from clunky bold graphics for sure, but she didn’t want her brand to be stereotypically feminine and ‘girly’. The solution was something with an eye-catching aesthetic that portrayed her traditional values.

“Nobody, but nobody... would be expecting a retro-vintage inspired brand identity for a PAT testing company. But it’s me. It’s different. And I love it. I can’t imagine having anything else now as it communicates our ethos perfectly”
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