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Move Better / Run Better

Move better, run better, brand better.
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This company is an excellent example of ‘Do as we do, not just as we say’. Having had an successful international career in long distance running, John utilises his experience and knowledge to help other aspiring athletes gain the competitive edge through a personalised development plan.This is fully supported by Lilly who ensures their clients maintain their physical fitness to perform to their best. The branding needed to be big and bold, and convey the celebration of success whilst incorporating the work that goes on behind the scenes to achieve that success. Move Better / Run Better is truly an international business with clients all across the globe, from London, to New York to Dubai, so the look and feel had to reflect their global reach.

The flagship branding achieved this, but Rushfirth Creative also provided a stripped back typographical option to be used on clothing and associated saleable merchandise.
Company Brand Identity
Logo Design
Social Media Branding
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