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Mind Your Assets

Meet the unique, disruptive, purple-loving, funky and highly interesting... accountant!
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Rushfirth Creative seems to attract many 'challenger brands' - bold, disruptive businesses who are not afraid to do things differently, from the way that they operate to the way they are perceived in their branding and marketing. Not content with fitting in and matching their competitors - they want to stand out for their uniqueness and often disruptive approach.

One such client is Mind Your Assets - an accountancy company headed up by Sheffield accountant and entrepreneur Bev Flanagan. Rushfirth Creative were originally brought in to bring about a brand refresh. They had an existing logo, and although well known and established, it wasn't quite of the calibre that it needed to be in order to take the business forward.

Having fixed their company branding, we were then commissioned to fix Bev's personal branding. Bev opted for our full one-stop-shop package which includes the photoshoot plus a suite of social media headers.
Now, in her own inimitable style, Bev truly is in a position to redefine what it is to be a 21st century accountant.
Company Brand refresh
Personal Brand Identity
Business Cards
Logo Design
Social Media Assets
Social Media Branding
Website Assets
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