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Footprints Accountancy

Branding a top accountancy firm doesn't mean just doing things by the numbers...
Lead by Julie Robinson, Footprints Accountancy are currently redefining the role of the 21st century accountant and helping business owners make real sense of their business. As a 'stand out' business, they needed 'stand out' branding and images. Rushfirth Creative were on hand... et voilà!

How did it all come about?

Rushfirth Creative were initially asked to look after their team photography way back in early 2022, but the main thing that they wanted the images for was the website, which was apparently scheduled for much later on in the year. So agreeing to put the shoot on hold until then, we left it with them to contact us when the time was right.

However - in the spring a post on social media caught our attention - it was their founder, Julie Robinson - who was frustrated at not being able to get a decent design together for their new interior / exterior signage. With masses of big-brand signage experience under his belt, our Creative Director, Howard Rushfirth volunteered to cast his professional eye over it.

Within a matter of days, all-new designs had been submitted (including a revamped logo!) and within a week or two Julie’s accountancy practice had been totally transformed with exterior signage and interior signage and wall art.

Shortly afterwards, the team all came for a shoot (we all had a blast), and from the session we were able to lovingly craft over 40 individual creative images for her website. We were also on hand to consult with Julie on the finer points of the website which was under construction, and were able to keep it from wandering off brand and losing the personality and vibe that we knew she was after.

Julie often publicly states that she is ‘blessed’ to be working with us, the feeling is mutual and we hope to continue to assist building her brand with marketing material of the calibre befitting of her vision
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