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Copperwheat Conversions

Building a new brand with branding alchemy.
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This project has probably generated one of the most dramatic brand transformations generated by Rushfirth Creative in recent months. As ‘RJL Builders’, the company had no real branding to speak of, just white letters on a grey background. However, their main area of work is mid to high-end loft conversions, and as that was the market they wanted to focus on, a drastic change was required.

Whilst many new trading names were considered, the fact that the entrepreneur heading up the company had a surname with such a great potential in itself, it was too good an opportunity to miss. The brand mark itself is particularly relevant to the company name, as it utilises the elemental alchemy symbol for copper, seated above a stylised image of a modern house, with the image flanked by wreathes made from ears of wheat. It looks spectacular as the ‘mothership’ version, but works equally well stripped back to a distinctive shape for workwear and more basic applications. The addition of a simple but descriptive strapline clarifies exactly what they are all about as a company, and completes the brand mark.
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