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Better: 24/7

The cutting-edge health, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and wellbeing brand. Yes, we can all be better: 24/7
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Between the pair of them, dreamteam Gareth Boot and his partner Sue Cowlishaw are experts in a number of wellbeing fields, in terms of nutrition, exercise, mental health - in a nutshell they are very good at devising and delivering strategies to help people develop better habits to feel better.

Being the no-nonsense kind of guy that he is, Gareth needed a no-nonsense brand for his range of courses and products. Sure, they cover everything from plant-based lifestyles to yoga and meditation - but Gareth wanted to stay away from more traditional 'new-age' branding for such things, and wanted a more striking, modern ‘sportswear’ style brand. We love what we created and know that Gareth and Sue do too.
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