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In recent years Rushfirth Creative has become known as the 'one-stop-shop' for company and personal branding, but we do SO MUCH MORE than that. 
With over 35 years in the industry, the experience is vast, 
and the results speak for themselves. 
Whatever marketing deliverables your project requires, you can trust that Rushfirth Creative will come up with the goods... and then some.

Company Branding

Whether it is the evolution or revolution of an existing brand mark, a completely new brand identity for a company with an established name, or even assistance establishing the right name, Rushfirth Creative are on hand to guide our clients through the process, and achieve correct positioning of the company.
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  • Fox's Biscuits Party Rings Packaging
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Product Branding

If you have a tangible product to sell, we have over 30 years experience of producing branding for high-end retail products. However, product branding does not necessarily mean a physical product. Over recent years it has become increasingly important for service companies to ‘package’ their offer to make it easier for prospective customers to understand and compare what they are buying. Getting the branding of that ‘product’ exactly right is key to its success. Not only do we create a visual identity for your product, we also art direct and shoot world-class images to market your products which can appear on your website, your social media ads, and as an integral part of the outer packaging packaging of your actual product itself.

Personal Branding

Rushfirth Creative has built up a reputation for well-planned, relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable photography sessions for their personal branding clients - even for those who say they ‘don’t do photographs’. This results in excellent photography, which is then incorporated into social media header images, website assets, and social media ads that ultimately set the client apart from their competition. 
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Packaging Design

With our creative lead spending over a decade exclusively specialising in retail packaging for many product types, for numerous corporates, on all substrates, Rushfirth Creative has the expertise to create the design of the packaging for any retail product.


The illustrative nature of the Rushfirth Creative portfolio is a clear indication of their skillset in this discipline. It is utilised across many branding outputs including, the creating of ‘mothership’ brand marks, character creation, wall art, wall wraps, and many more. Whatever the application, bespoke illustration will bring something completely unique and completely ownable to the project.
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Design for Print

How broad could a service be? Rushfirth Creative can create the print-ready design, and in most cases supply the print, for pretty much anything. Leaflets, flyers, postcards, letterheads, business cards, posters, promotional items… you name it. This service even extends to branded workwear, printed or embroidered. But whatever the output is, remember, don't waste the opportunity, design it before you print it!

Advertising and Marketing

What’s the point of brilliant branding if you don’t get your message out there! Whether it’s traditional billboards, electronic boards, magazine / newspaper advertisements, or creative for social media, ads, Rushfirth Creative has the creative versatility to maximise on the opportunity and set our clients streets ahead of the average business.
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Signage can be deceptive in its apparent simplicity, and as a result is at worst, full of mistakes, and at best, not executed to the standard that it should be. Rushfirth Creative is happy to work with any signmaker of the client’s choosing to ensure that the result is in-keeping with their brand and is the absolute best that it can be.

Vehicle Livery

The transferring of a brand onto a vehicle / fleet is a particular skill if it is to achieve the desired impact. This can be anything from a clear concise message to something with a real ‘WOW factor’, it completely depends on the client. We work with any company of the client’s choosing to ensure that they achieve the best possible result.
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  • Water Hygiene Services And Livery
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Wall Wraps

A bespoke wall wrap can completely change the personalty of a room. Whether it is a formal corporate design, a themed design, or just completely ‘out there’, Rushfirth Creative can deliver a wrap that will be a talking point for years to come.

Social Media Assets

These come in many forms. It could be provision of the social media headers, a formulated advertisement campaign, or simply the provision of templates to allow the client to promote their business but look professional and stay on brand. Requirements change. Rushfirth Creative is happy to provide whatever level of support is required, as required.
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  • Social Media Assets, Various
  • Social Media Assets, Hassocks
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Event Branding

As events make a serious comeback in a post-Covid world, Rushfirth Creative are very much looking forward to working on live events once more. We cover the full range of services including the branding, creation of promotional digital and printed assets and the brochure design, content collation, and print.

Exhibition & Display

Promotional display material comes in all shapes and sizes, from a simple vinyl banner, pop-up banner or branded tablecloth, to a full-on elaborate exhibition display stand. Whatever the need, Rushfirth Creative make it really easy for their clients by supplying the design and the finished product.
  • Various Exhibition Banners
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Brochure Design

Creating a company brochure can be a significant investment, and should be a statement piece that pulls everything about that business - and about that brand - together, creating a complete picture of who they are. Do it once and do it right… work with someone who completely understands how to make the output special.

Training Manuals & Workbooks

When bespoke training manuals and workbooks, both digital and printed, include unique, ownable assets, it really sets an organisation apart. And of course these assets are easily transferable to website and other projects which further helps tie the whole brand together, in addition to making it a whole lot more cost effective.
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  • EBA Workshop Training Workbooks
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Business Stationery

Having established a fabulous new brand mark, it is natural that it should roll out to business stationery, whether that’s a letterhead in printed or digital form or business cards designed to further establish their position in their market.

Character Creative

Being a natural artist has enabled Howard to create many mascot characters over the years, characters that have been ‘brought to life’ in costume, used as part of the brand mark to be a point of difference, and as a character within marketing materials to help deliver instructions and messages. Rushfirth Creative can deliver a character for any occasion.
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  • Footprints Accountancy Wall Art
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Wall Art

Born an artist, Howard Rushfirth has created literally hundreds of images for the home as both private commissions and generally available artworks, but his creative skill also extends to the creation of both small and large format artwork for the workplace. Why not have a reception area to remember when you know just the company to do it!
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