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It's what we do...

Above all, we want the whole experience to be an enjoyable one - that's how we get the best pictures.
Our process has been created to ensure that the pressure on the day is kept to a minimum, and that the standard of the end product is consistently brilliant.

So what is the process...

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  • Research
  • Obtaining existing assets
  • Photoshoot
  • Contact sheet review
  • Provision of new assets

But what does that mean for you?

Process and Timescale

Step1: Research

We provide a 'Photography Style' pdf for discussion in a Zoom call prior to the photoshoot. The Zoom call is an opportunity to express preferences and record the detail of any particular images that might be specifically required to ensure that they are not missed on the day.
This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss what changes of clothing should be brought to the shoot and any other style matters that may be of concern.

Step 2: Supply of existing assets

It is important that we understand what existing assets we have to work with for two reasons.
Firstly these may impact on the nature of the photographs we take at the photoshoot. Secondly, if there is a shortfall in what is ideally required, then everyone is aware at an early stage which will hopefully help avoid a delay in the supply of the final assets. 

Step 3: Photoshoot

It would seem that everyone expects to really hate having their photograph taken.
However, a Rushfirth Creative shoot is designed to be a relaxed - even fun - experience. To-date everyone who has attended one of our sessions has been surprised at just how much they have enjoyed the occasion. In fact the challenge has been in getting them to leave!
Is it outside the average person’s comfort zone?
Oh yes ... at the beginning.
But we take A LOT of photographs! The beauty of having a full half hour of photography time is that people have time to get comfortable and relax - and that’s where the best images lie. Many people have arrived as clients and left as friends ...
That’s the experience we are always aiming for.

Step 4: Contact sheet review

A pdf contact sheet of unprocessed images is supplied shortly after the photoshoot.
This is for review at the Zoom call that will be scheduled for a few days after the photoshoot date. This is the opportunity to discuss preferred shots to narrow down the selection of the final headshot and social media banner image.

Step 5: Supply of social media assets


The Rushfirth Creative personal branding asset pack includes:-

  • One retouched headshot (client’s preferred image)
  • One retouched full body/ 3/4 image or seated image (client’s preferred image)
  • One retouched full body/ 3/4 image or seated image (Rushfirth Creative’s choice)
  • Social media banner image for Facebook Personal
  • Social media banner image for Facebook Business
  • Social media banner image for LinkedIn
  • Social media banner image for YouTube
  • Social media banner image for Twitter

Plus access to all additional photographs to be retouched as required (additional charge applies) for use on websites and social media.

And the all important timescale ...

It will take us two weeks from the photoshoot to complete and deliver your new assets to you.

The Game Changer

The impact personal branding can have


Confidence. And lots of it!

Every single person that has worked with Rushfirth Creative on their personal branding has started out with a dread and even hatred of having their photograph taken, with some declaring they have never once liked a single photo of themselves.

However, every person without exception has actually enjoyed the session with some deciding they may have a new career in modelling and not wanting to leave!

It is the ability to create this enjoyment of the process that creates the basis for some of the fabulous images of the clients. And the fact that they have those images creates a confidence much greater than one might anticipate, making them much more comfortable with their online presence, and being seen as the face of the business.

“Having our personal branding done completed the overall rebrand of our company, helping us look more professional. Myself and Andy are not overly fond of having our photo’s taken but Rushfirth Creative made the entire experience easy going and fun so we actually enjoyed it as well as getting some great photographs individually and together. We were really pleased with the images that we were able to use on our social media platforms and website too. Would highly recommend! Well worth
the investment."

Clare Ward, Founder
New Healthy Body

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A professional co-ordinated brand is an essential component in a company's arsenal, and nowhere more-so than online and social media, where the importance of the presence and persona of an individual is heightened. The personal branding assets generated by Rushfirth Creative absolutely set our clients apart from their competition, whatever industry they are working in. They stand-out, and for all the right reasons.

"Over the last 12 months I have laid a lot of new foundations in my business, enabling us to go from strength to strength despite the uncertain economic climate, but having Rushfirth Creative create new personal branding is without doubt the one single thing that has had the greatest positive impact. Customers have actually advised that it was the professionalism that they conveyed that brought them to me rather than the competition, and I wasn't by any means the cheapest option. Well worth spending the money to get this right."

Lee Fiori, Managing Director
Total Trades Management Ltd

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"You know that Rushfirth Creative do something special when you normally hate all photographs of yourself - but you can't resist showing their photos to everyone."

John Lawson, Owner, Spire Finance Solutions

Photoshoot Location


Wakefield Road
WF12 8ET

From M1, Junction 40

From roundabout take A638 (first exit M1 North, third exit M1 South). This dual carriageway has a 50mph limit and is regularly monitored by police with speed guns.

Approach the roundabout in the left hand lane.

Take second exit for Dewsbury. As you pass Dewsbury Rangers football club on left the road starts to incline.

Heath Cottage Hotel car park entrance is on the right hand side before the
traffic lights.

The entrance to the hotel itself is beneath the hotel sign and to the right, shown in the picture below.

As a precaution please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your allocated time slot as a delayed arrival will at best reduce the time you can spend with the photographer or possibly.

If you have any travel issues or need further assistance please call 07957 860640.


Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

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Additional Terms and Conditions to note

Payment of the deposit invoice secures the booking of the photographer, venue and Rushfirth Creative personnel and is not refundable. The booking may be transferred to an alternative time / date up to 2 working days prior to the scheduled date subject to a transfer fee of £75 +VAT as a contribution to additional costs.

Please ensure that you allow sufficient travel time to the venue of the photography shoot as late arrival will result in a shorter or possibly cancelled
photography session.

We recommend that you arrive no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled session time to allow time for you to relax and prepare for the shoot. You will be able to access the building and toilet facilities prior to your individual session.

To help facilitate the provision of your assets within two weeks we ask that any existing branding assets that are to be included in the social media headers should be emailed to [email protected] prior to the date of the photoshoot. The remaining balance of payment will be due 14 days after the date of the photoshoot unless Rushfirth Creative are responsible for a delay in the
asset supply.


Contact Kathryn
[email protected]

Your Investment

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A Winning Bet

We recognise that there are many photographers out there offering headshots at a much discounted rate from ours, but that's not what we do.

Remember something...

Your brand, isn't a 'cost', it is an investment, and getting your personal branding wrong can severely impact on that brand. However, getting it right is an opportunity to enhance that brand, and may just be the new lease of life your company needs to progress further than ever.

Don't take our word for it...


“Having our personal branding done completed the overall rebrand of our company, helping us look more professional ... Would highly recommend! Well worth
the investment."

"Customers have actually advised that it was the professionalism that they conveyed that brought them to me rather than the competition, and I wasn't by any means the cheapest option. Well worth spending the money to get this right."

"You know that Rushfirth Creative do something special when you normally hate all photographs of yourself - but you can't resist showing their photos to everyone."

Branding Packages

Individual Personal Branding Package
£ + VAT

Do you have a member of the team who requires the same social media assets using the same background images, then why not book a double photography session!

Second Person Branding Package
£ + VAT

Let's get started...

If you would like to be one of the many who have enjoyed our personal branding sessions - and the results - then we would be delighted to have you onboard.

Next available sessions

22nd April 2021 12.45pm
6th May 2021    10.00am
3rd June 2021     10.00am

Contact Kathryn at [email protected] to agree a time slot for the photoshoot and we can take it from there.