Smart or casual, relaxed or serious… but ALWAYS professional

June's personal branding sessions were another roaring success for 'Team Rushfirth' and their happy clients. We had a particularly diverse range of business and trade professionals though the doors of the lovely Heath Cottage Hotel where we host our shoots. First up we had Simon Keenlyside of Rapid Repair Draincare. […]
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Supreme personal branding for exterior cleaning entrepreneur

When north east exterior cleaning company entrepreneur Mark Coates approached us, he had a brand identity that was already well known and established, and his presence was highly visible with his distinctively wrapped branded vehicles. As a result we were in no hurry to discuss changing the company branding, however […]
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Her name was Wilma McCann

Not much to say here, as the video says it all. Other than to say that it was just something that I just sat down and did on Tuesday morning. I did it for a friend, sent it to him privately, and suffice to say I did not quite expect […]
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How pilates helps people with lower back pain

Hello, Kathryn here. On our news section, we like to think it's not all about 'us'. As we're extremely fortunate to have such a wide and diverse variety of clients in our portfolio, we're never short of good knowledgeable people we can call upon to provide good news stories, or […]
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Oh we do love to be beside the seaside

Businessman and respected consultant Andy Brown has been known to Rushfirth Creative for a number of years now, primarily through occasional projects supporting him with his various ventures. As well as being as busy as always with his business consultancy assignments, Andy now has the added vocation of being a […]
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Design it before you print it

We all love seeing our company brand out there... in the world... in action. But is it taking the right route to get there? Many small businesses make certain assumptions that might not be particularly as savvy as they might initially think. As a result the small company works with […]
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