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Oh we do love to be beside the seaside

Businessman and respected consultant Andy Brown has been known to Rushfirth Creative for a number of years now, primarily through occasional projects supporting him with his various ventures. As well as being as busy as always with his business consultancy assignments, Andy now has the added vocation of being a hotelier. He and his lovely wife Polly run a beautiful private hotel in the world famous seaside town of Whitby.

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In this capacity, Andy and Polly are very much at the heart of the Whitby hospitality community -  a community that like so many others has clearly been tested and impacted by the global pandemic. Andy has been one of the key people who has rallied the Whitby hospitality community and with his wife Polly came up with the initial plan to offer free food and accommodation to frontline NHS workers. The concept proved popular as dozens of Whitby hotels, pubs, shops, restaurants, takeaways, all donated free food, drinks and accommodation. Rushfirth Creative heard about it and thought it was a really great idea and a genuine show of thanks to our NHS workers. We had to help.

“When we decided to offer a free weekend to 400 NHS front line workers to thank them for their sacrifices in dealing with the covid pandemic Howard didn’t hesitate in offering to produce some artwork for the initiative.” Says Andy. “What he produced was just fantastic and was pivotal in our ability to get TV coverage. He then went above and beyond by providing artwork for Welcome To Whitby and the Whitby Winter Festival.”

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It was our pleasure to be involved and we are very much looking forward to the next event - we will update you on this in due course.


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