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Design it before you print it

We all love seeing our company brand out there... in the world... in action. But is it taking the right route to get there?

Many small businesses make certain assumptions that might not be particularly as savvy as they might initially think.

As a result the small company works with their brand like a ‘small company’ ... whereas if they though and handled things more like a ‘big company’ with a ‘big brand’ - then perhaps they would get better results.

A big brand needs signage. Do they go to a sign company? Well... yes... and no. Big companies with big brands will most likely go via a design consultancy. They will do the ‘creative’, liaise with the signage manufacturer, aligning specifications and ensuring that the design delivers on an aesthetic level, is on-brand, and with the signage company onboard we can ensure that all the practical production boxes are ticked.

Would a big brand go to a printer as their first port of call when wanting market material, such as a brochure? Or leaflets? Or business cards? In my experience, never. All branded design and creative marketing would be handled and managed via one central creative resource. This ensures brand consistency and generally the people working in that environment will be working at a completely different level to those working in a production environment.

None of this is ‘doing down’ production-based services. We’re certainly not out to take the bread out of the mouths of printers, sign companies, workwear companies, web designers, social media companies. Quite the opposite, we’re here to make their life a doddle and hand them really cool work on a plate, all designed and ready to go. And the best part is we maintain brand consistency and keep the client super-happy.

So remember, when you need your brand rolling out, get whoever is masterminding your brand to mastermind the process. If we look after you, that’s exactly what we do. We DESIGN it BEFORE you print it.

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